Create untamperable
Protect your data with the security of Immuto.

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What is Immuto?

We provide immutable record keeping for anyone

Data Management

Verify data integrity with untamperable records of any file type.

Intellectual Property

Protect your intellectual property without having to reveal its content.

Digital Agreements

Increase security and efficiency by digitzing legal agreements.

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Data privacy is completely preserved.

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Our web portal allows for easy record verification.

The Immuto API makes integration easy.
Check out our documentation to get started.

Pricing plans

Flexible pricing options from individual to enterprise.

Credits apply to all services, making the following plans adaptable to any use.

* Terms are subject to change.

Credit Usage

Creating a new record uses 4 credits.
Updating an existing record uses 1 credit.
Unused credits rollover for future use.

The Latest

Updates from Immuto

We're constantly exploring new use cases and partnerships.